Fully Constructed Coop and Hens Kit

Want your own free range fresh eggs? We make keeping chickens easy. Let us guide you in the set up and care of 2 to 4 hens or more hens if you choose the Walk In Coop. We will deliver your constructed (screwed, glued) coop, 2-4 hens, 20kg of premium crumble feed and bedding and care instructions.  We assist you by providing ongoing support when you phone or email. If you are already set up we can supply individual healthy and happy point of lay hens and supplies.  

Here at Chooks In The City we get the BEST feedback and photos from our customers.

We had 2 families come out to gather chickens on Footy Derby Day. 

Tish sent this pic of her son saying "thank you for these amazing chickens who have such characters. As you can see my son loves them to death. They are very calm and seem to love my son and follow him around. Thanks again, I have recommended my dad come and get some chickens from you too." 

Our second family came out looking at the coop and hens. When the wife excitedly asked "shall we get it" - her husband said, "yes, now can we get back home to watch the footy". 

FULLY LOADED Your'e all ready, set and go ...!

NOW get excited to await their first delicious eggs.

Your happy hens can free range and clip your lawn within the fenced coop away from your precious plants. No worries about spoiled food and water with their handy dispensers. Great to be assured they won't tip over or foul their water when you're away on long weekend breaks.