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Chickens are resiliant animals, they have to be, to have survived changing habitats and climates for millions of years.

Scientific Journals have asserted that they are the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex! 

They have a very clever design, where both excretory functions are combined into one. The purpose of this is to allow the birds to be lightweight for flight, without excess weight involved in fluid storage.

Without the capacity to store water, birds have a heightened needs for access to fresh clean water. Each bird will need at least 1/2 a litre per day. If they are currently laying eggs or it is hot weather this can increase to 1 litre. Make sure you don't allow green bacterial slime to build up in their water - you may consider keeping a brush nearby to clean their water tray when you replace their water. Keep this in a shaded area. Alternatively refill their water bulb frequently. (You can buy a water bulb for your chickens at $25 from us).

The importance of keeping your hens hydrated and with some cool shade can't be over emphasised. Heat exhaustion can quickly lead to mortality within your flock. If you do have chickens passed out from the heat, you may try reviving them, open their beaks and get water in, it depends on how long they have been unconcious for. They may surprise you, and regain their consciousness. 



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ECO is the abbreviation for Ecology:

the branch of science that connects all living things in the biosphere of earth. 

Not at all ECO in the meaning of Economy.

In fact the Festival was FREE information, advice, and entertainment for all attending. 

The pavillions withstood the early morning easterly gusts and there was a reasonable turn out

Our pavillion had an example of the fabulous wood an asphalt roof coop and plenty of 

information on how Chickens fit in with Sustainable Living in the City. 


1 Chicken Can Break the Lifecycle of Pests and Disease In a Tree within 1 Hour ?

Your backyard chickens are unsung heroes - doing more than the eyes can see!!!


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Our ancestors have used LAVENDER to provide stress release, calm their burns, and as a pesticide. 

Similarly ROSEMARY wards of insects such as the common poultry mite. Rosemary also assists the memory, maybe not so essential for your hens, but a great benefit for us humans with our hectic activities. 

TEA TREE is both anti bacterial and ANTI VIRAL. The listed benefits are just a few, of the wonderful assistance plants can give. If we considering the knowledge and daily uses of these plants from diverse cultures, gained over centuries, it is little wonder we are returning to them. WONDERFUL woody aromatic plants are so easy to cultivate and maintain in your garden. The next best thing in your garden may be the Wormwood plant... it's name gives a clue to its usefulness.


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Kids spend their pocket money on what we adults often consider 'plastic rubbish'... and isn't there a lot of it!

Colourful and cute it beckons from the shop shelf, then it joins a collection in the toy box, in the bin, and then ultimately into landfill where it remains for decades or beyond.

It was with great delight that I delivered to a young 9 year old girl. She had been patiently saving her pocket money until she asked her Mum to contact Chooks In The City and ask for the delivery of her Chook Coop and two hens.

She named her gals Hamish and Andy. She took great pride in caring for them, as might be expected, given her engagement in getting them. Sadly, Hamish passed away. She sought out another companion for Andy and came to me to select a younger Hamish II.

Then about a month later I had contact again from this thoughtful young girl. This time Grandma and Grandpa had given her the money to purchase another 2 friends for Hamish and Andy, on the proviso that they got the eggs.

Inter-generational gifting will be ongoing between them. What a great way to bond a family.

It all started with a decision and a commitment by a young girl. She spent her pocket money on living creatures

that give back rather than on more plastic.

GOOD Odd EGGS 25 September, 2017

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Isa Brown chickens lay consistently from about the age of 6 months. Usually the first 18 months of their laying career is prolific.

Your 2 hens will likely fill an egg carton with beautiful fresh eggs within the space of a week.

Consider the egg: it is packed full of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, gives a huge protein hit and healthy cholesterol for your nerve coatings. A true gift from your chickens.

Occasionally I am asked "Is a rooster needed for egg production?" No, a rooster is only needed if you want fertilised eggs to breed more chickens. "Can you eat the first tiny egg the young hen lays?" Yes, you can, but it may not have much of a yolk and is about half size of usual eggs (see above). "If the egg has bluish coloured shell, or an odd shaped shell can I still eat it?" Yes.

TREATS FOR CHICKS 1 September, 2017

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Birds like grains and seeds right? Your chickens really want you to know what treats they get excited about. My hens favourite treat is Cat Biscuits. They get into a frenzy and frantically peck them up, they make me think of an over-wound wind up toy.

My gals discovered the cat bowl hidden in the laundry, and would charge down the pathway, down to the laundry door every time they heard the door open. Opportunists!!

When you consider what cats need, it's low salt and high protein. Considering chickens need extra protein to create all those eggs, it's a great choice. I (and they) especially like the fish variety, it gives them and ultimately you, lots of omega 3.

Chickens have such small heads, I can't imagine where they keep their taste buds, but they definitely do find cat biscuits super tasty, try it with your chickens.