TREATS FOR CHICKS 1 September, 2017

Posted on November 8, 2017 at 4:40 AM

Birds like grains and seeds right? Your chickens really want you to know what treats they get excited about. My hens favourite treat is Cat Biscuits. They get into a frenzy and frantically peck them up, they make me think of an over-wound wind up toy.

My gals discovered the cat bowl hidden in the laundry, and would charge down the pathway, down to the laundry door every time they heard the door open. Opportunists!!

When you consider what cats need, it's low salt and high protein. Considering chickens need extra protein to create all those eggs, it's a great choice. I (and they) especially like the fish variety, it gives them and ultimately you, lots of omega 3. 

An unforseen, added benefit, is they kept their feathers and have never gone through a molt the entire 7 years I have owned hens. It's all that extra good protein used as building blocks for eggs and feathers. 

Chickens have such small heads, I can't imagine where they keep their taste buds, but they definitely do find cat biscuits super tasty, try it with your chickens.


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