Posted on November 8, 2017 at 4:45 AM

Kids spend their pocket money on what we adults often consider 'plastic rubbish'... and isn't there a lot of it!

Colourful and cute it beckons from the shop shelf, then it joins a collection in the toy box, in the bin, and then ultimately into landfill where it remains for decades or beyond.

It was with great delight that I delivered to a young 9 year old girl. She had been patiently saving her pocket money until she asked her Mum to contact Chooks In The City and ask for the delivery of her Chook Coop and two hens.

She named her gals Hamish and Andy. She took great pride in caring for them, as might be expected, given her engagement in getting them. Sadly, Hamish passed away. She sought out another companion for Andy and came to me to select a younger Hamish II.

Then about a month later I had contact again from this thoughtful young girl. This time Grandma and Grandpa had given her the money to purchase another 2 friends for Hamish and Andy, on the proviso that they got the eggs.

Inter-generational gifting will be ongoing between them. What a great way to bond a family.

It all started with a decision and a commitment by a young girl. She spent her pocket money on living creatures

that give back rather than on more plastic.

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