Not so mighty MITES

Posted on February 3, 2020 at 2:20 AM

My intention with this post is to encourage an exchange of information regarding pesky mites.

These critters are so tiny, you likely will not see them on your chickens.

BUT you will see their handy work... 

IF your gals legs are not smooth and youthful, but are rather bulging and have a dry look, this is evidence of mite infestation. 

IT is very common and nothing to be alarmed about. The mites are most active at night and may live in cracks within the hen house and they have made their way their from the soil. 

One helpful tactic is to completley wash down the hen house with  builders lime wash during a warm day - letting it thoroughly dry before the gals go back in at night time. On the same day treat all the gals who show signs of mites. 

Treating the girls legs can be done over a course of a week with dish detergent and lavender (Fairy dish detergent concentrate works extremely well to remove all kinds of debris off feathered friends). You can use the detergent and instead substitute in vinegar instead of lavender. 

A once only dusting with diatamaceous earth is also effective. TAKE CARE with this, I usually wear a dust mask and put the chicken in a bucket with about a cup of earth which I then dust over her legs with a large paint brush.

You may hear of some folk saying use sump oil, but I believe it is best to take the less drastic treatment and if you consider oils to smother the mites consider common cooking oils - also adding lavendar as a gentle insecticide.

SHARE what you consider the best treatment and help keep our wonderful gals strong, healthy and content. 

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