At Chooks In The City we now supply quality rabbit and guinea pig hutches. Allow them freedom to roam while keeping your peace of mind. Yes You Can have pets and Veggie Gardens side by side in your backyard. 

The world is spinning a little out of our control ... so too is this picture. But I am sure you "get the picture"...

SO STURDY-  newly discovered FENCING

8 PANELS so SHAPE it to fit octaganol, square or

RECTANGLE measures 3.2 metre long 80cm wide and 

4 foot high which is up to about the average height up to armpits  

We are thrilled to add it to what we can offer you.


Keep veggies from being trampled by the kids

                                                                                        Keep the dogs, chickens, rabbits from eating your veggies

                                                  Use it as a cat run by enclosing the top. 

                                                       Guaranteed strength. Fully portable. Uses for it are endless.

Google Review: Sherrie Lester:

We got one of the medium rabbit hutches and our rabbits love it!!!! It is extremely easy to clean and absolutely beautiful. Hannah was very helpful and was able to deliver our hutch in a timely manner too! If you are looking for an easy to clean, excellent hutch for your rabbits, I would definitely recommend Chooks in the City. We should have gotten it sooner!! 

Your pets share your life and create a happy place to return to. 

With this in mind, we deliver quality RABBIT HUTCHES and GUINEA PIG enclosures